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Swifler puts an end to publishers and advertisers dread; poor conversion as banners redirect traffic elsewhere, lost traffic and lost customer interest when time from impression to possible action is prolonged. Eliminating the time-elapsed factor Swifler allows consumers to act on impulse on site. The conversion is significantly increased and people remain on the publisher site and works with Facebook, Snap, Instagram or any app that uses a Webview or iFrame. A win-win for all!

Complete back-office

Regardless if you’re a multinational advertiser or an independent publisher our Back-Office has you covered. You add and maintain campaigns, add advertisers, publishers, inventory, you pull reports on transactions, impressions, clicks, ”lost carts”, you create settlement reports and more. If you need you can add different users with different roles that should be able to do different tasks on different entities related or unrelated to each other.

Cloud SaaS widget solution

Swifler is a SaaS widget solution. No lengthy setup process to get things going, no need for an entire development team to spend hours on adapting and implementing - we’ve spent those hours for you! The solution can be used on your existing creatives with little to no altering, on iframes, webviews and text links as well. The widget in the demo was created in 90 seconds and implemented on the site in 60 seconds. That’s how easy Swifler is to use.



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Manage your inventory of sites and widgets

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We support transaction history with costumer list

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Every Swifler campaign is easy to use, we always aim for simplicity and user satisfaction. Our Campaigns contain between 2 - 3 simple steps, click, fill out your information, pay and the lead is generated!

Swifler instant checkout steps:

  1. Product Review and Customer information
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  3. Receipt and Order Confirmation

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